Campo MeteoriteCampo del Cielo

The Campo del Cielo Meteorite shown at left comes from Gran Chaco Gualamba, Chaco, Argentina. The first meteorite pieces were discovered by Spanish explorers in 1572.

We also carry Gibeon, Sikhote Alin, Campo, & various other Rocks From Space , including meteorite jewelry and boxed collections.

Tektites:  Moldavite &  Lybian Desert Glass

Whole books are written about Moldavite, which is the product of a meteor collision with Earth around 15 million years ago.  A BIG meteor hit the Earth, particles were blasted into the  & came back down in the form of this green glass-like material called Moldavite.  It is beautiful to behold & some say they feel lots of good energy.


San Juan Fulgurite San Juan Fulgurite