We have quite a collection of Colorado minerals from all over the State. Some come to us via our friends on the Prospectors Show on the Weather Channel (which just aired the 4th season!) We have some nice Aquamarine from Mt. Antero, from the Thank You Lord Mine, courtesy of Brian & Yolanda Bussee & family. We also carry some of their fine aquamarine jewelry.

Other Colorado minerals include: amazonite & smokey quartz, clear quartz, galena, calcite, pyrite, fluorite, jasper, epidote, purpurite, selenite, rhodonite, petrified wood, biotite, barite, rhodochrosite, and dino poop!!

We also have a display of Crystal River Valley minerals, by local character Robert Congdon, who owns the alabaster mine up by Avalanche Creek. Unusual specimens including ores, Italian Mtn lapis, epidote, selenite & other weird local stuff.