Creating Smiles for 45 Years!

Kids and rocks mix naturally, so helping them become interested in Nature is a fun and easy way to get them thinking & learing about the world around them.  Rockhounding is a great way to get out and enjoy Nature, as well as a great time for exercise, fresh air and good clean dirty family FUN!

Here are some FUN links to rock related pages for kids:

If you’re a kid, or a kid at heart, and love rocks & minerals & fossils, you will love High Country Gems & Minerals!   Our kids corner is FULL of crystal growing kits, dinosaur dig kits, dino puzzles, magic volcanos, mineral & fossil collections, and geodes you can take home & break open yourself (with a little adult supervision).


Patti Googley Eyes

Patti Rock Star brings an energy and exuberance to the rock shop that kids just love!